A Body Balance Review

January 22, 2008
What led us to do this review about this liquid ionic product, Body Balance, is that there are literally hundreds of questions regarding what the product consists of and how it directly impacts your health.As many already know, Body Balance is a liquid nutritional supplement that is “ionic”, meaning it has positively charged ions formulated to enhance absorption throughout the body. When taking supplements in pill or tablet form, the supplement will have to be digested first before the body can use it. You can understand how Body Balance can immediately be assimilated by the human body, not just because of it’s liquid state, but because of it being ionically charged. That’s just one advantage. Secondly, Body Balance has over 120+ different phytonutrients combined. All organic and KSA (Kosher Supervision of America) certified, Body Balance includes a blend of 9 sea vegetables and aloe vera, and black cherry making it taste naturally sweet and not sugared-down sweet.
What is Body Balance?

As you may already know, Body Balance is a natural whole food liquid supplement derived from nine sea vegetables, pure and certified organic aloe vera and black cherry.  A small amount of honey and stevia are present which are safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics.

This supplement provides over 120 naturally occurring nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients, which are vital for health. Body Balance consists of virtually every vitamin, mineral, ultra trace mineral, amino acid, and enzyme useful for optimal health, and it even contains fiber.

Body Balance is manufactured by a 24-year-old California based company called Life Force International. Majority of the products this company manufactures are in liquid form which is a beneficial factor in nutritional supplements today. Nutritional supplements in liquid form are easily absorbed and immediately used by the body, whereas if you take supplements in pill or tablet form it still has to travel down through your digestive system, where it has to be broken down before it can used by the body. This is why liquid nutritional supplements like Body Balance is used by licensed health care practitioners today because of it’s effectiveness and immediate availability.

Drinking Body Balance gives you that boost of raw energy when taken in the morning before eating breakfast, and its taste better served cold. You can definitely taste the natural black cherry the first time you try it. As you continually use the product it tends to taste sweeter and more refreshing. No wonder even kids love the taste of it!


How Does It Taste Compared To Other Supplements In the Market?

Body Balance is so refreshing and delicious it’s a no brainer. People who have a hard time taking pills, especially children and seniors, find it a great way to get vital nourishment and daily nutrition. For people who are acidic especially, you will have a slight tangy and grape/cherry sourness taste to it at first, but Body Balance will taste sweeter and sweeter as your body gets more alkaline. You can really taste the black cherry and raw honey, which are the only natural sweeteners added. There is no sugar or any artificial sweeteners added.


Commonly Reported Benefits Of Body Balance

• get increased vitality and energy
• supports respiration
• get a natural feeling of well-being
• enhances digestion
• supports the nervous system
• helps improve metabolism
• immune system support
• helps detoxify the body
• get mental clarity & focus
• supports emotional stability
• helps reduced food cravings
• supports blood circulation
• sleep improvement
• even supports hormonal tendencies


Why Everyone Needs Body Balance

Our soils are already 85% mineral depleted which is why the foods we eat today does not provide us with the full spectrum of minerals our body needs on a daily basis. It is important to supplement with whole-food, organic or natural supplements on a daily basis, to fill in the gaps of nutrition lost from the foods we consume today. It is better to take liquid based supplements instead of pills and capsules because the body absorbs liquid into the blood stream faster.

Body Balance have up to a 98% absorption rate because of its ionic properties. Body Balance contains pre-digested plant nutrients, which are readily available and easy for the body to absorb, which is used by the body almost immediately.

Compare this to minerals & vitamins in pill or tablet form where only 10 to 20 % can be absorbed by the body. The other 80 to 90 percent just goes to waste. So you are pouring 80-90% of whatever amount those pills and tablets costs down the drain (PDR reference page 1542). What a waste of money!

This product alone has sold over 5 million bottles and is increasing in popularity all across the nation and even in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Giving you over 120 phytonutrients from a combination of sea vegetables, Body Balance tops the leading liquid nutritional supplement known today in our opinion. With just a 2-ounce dose you would have fed your body enough phytonutrients vitamins and minerals your body needs for a week. That’s the “balance” in Body Balance you cannot get from foods you buy today even if you eat “well balanced” meals for a week. You cannot get all the vitamins and minerals you need from regular foods you eat today and you know it. Body Balance is definitely a product that we believe can supplement you a to well-balanced, full of energy, and healthier body.

If you are interested in getting a 32 ounce bottle of Body Balance for free (you will have to pay only shipping), click on the link below;